7 Web Developments Frameworks You Should Try in 2019

web development framework

The process of building feature-rich web applications has become quite complicated these days due to the increasing demands of users. Still, website developers are able to create stunning web apps that ensures greater performance. This is due to the presence of excellent web development frameworks.

Web developments frameworks have become an integral part of web development processes these days. That said, there are several web development frameworks. As a result, you might find it a bit hard to identify the right one for your next project. If that’s the case, then here is a list of some of the best web development frameworks of 2019.

Most of these frameworks are used by several famous web development companies and expert developers. This is because these tools help them to save both time and effort without compromising the quality of their web app. So, if your goal is to develop a stunning web application that will help you to stay way ahead of your competitors.

Angular JS

Angular JS is one of the widely used web development frameworks. It is actually a JavaScript framework that was initially designed specifically for developing single-page web applications. The 1.x version of the Angular framework used the JavaScript framework while the later versions relied on Typescript.

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Microsoft, Paypal, and several other famous companies have been using the Angular framework for quite some time. The Angular JS framework was developed and is currently maintained by Google. However, the size of Angular JS framework is comparatively high when compared to other frameworks.


Are you in search of a web development framework that will help you to create lightweight but excellent web apps? If yes, you do not need to look further because Node is the best choice available for you. The Node.js framework was originally built specifically for the process of client-side scripting.

The highlight of the Node.js framework is that it is capable of running higher amounts of data on multiple web applications. Still, the performance of the app will not be compromised.


Vue is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and it is used by thousands of developers. This open-source JavaScript framework is generally used to build user-interfaces. The incredible flexibility of the Vue JavaScript framework will help you to easily complete your project.

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The Vue.js framework was originally released in the 2013. However, it soon gained popularity among developers due to its excellent features. Vue is also called as a progressive framework, as you can use it for just a single portion of your project.


Another widely used web development framework that you should try is React. React is actually an open-source JavaScript framework that is mainly maintained by Facebook. It is one of the most loved choice of expert website developers when they are developing user interface for complex web applications.

The component-based architecture that most web development frameworks are currently using was initially introduced by React. Developers will be able to use React either on client side or on server side as per the requirements of their project. Instagram and Facebook are just a couple of large companies who are currently use React.


The open-source PHP framework, Laravel is the best option available to beginners. Laravel allows you to easily and quickly develop high-quality web apps. Taylor Otwell designed the Laravel framework based on the model–view–controller structural design. It is currently one of the most used PHP frameworks out there.

Laravel is actually an advanced alternative for the CodeIgniter framework. It comes with a wide array of features that includes Object Related Mapping, Authentication, Templating, Caching, and more. The framework can also be easily integrated with other databases.


Ember is not a new name to us. In fact, this web development framework was recognized as the best JavaScript framework of 2015. It is used by thousands of developers and it also has a huge community of developers. The framework is regularly updated by creates with new features and major improvements.

The two-way data binding features of the Ember framework is one of its major highlights. Netflix, Heroku, Microsoft, and Google have used this framework. Ember helps developers to save plenty of their valuable time and effort.


Another PHP web development framework that is ideal for complex and large-scale web application projects is Symfony. In fact, this framework is mainly used for developing web application. Symfony also comes with an abundant number of reusable PHP segments and libraries.

Another highlight of the Symfony framework is that it can run with Drupal, Piwik, PHPBB, and several other platforms. In addition, a wide variety of useful PHP elements are available with the framework.


In some cases, a framework that is packed with features might not be ideal choice for your project. This means that it is critical to consider the requirements of your project before selecting a certain framework.

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