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10 High-Performing Single-Page Website HTML Templates


Now, creating a single-page website is very easy. Forget all the coding struggles and create high-performing one-page websites in no time. Use single-page website HTML templates to create your single-page website. Below, we have a list of some of the best single-page website HTML templates. These are responsive, mobile-friendly, and offer a wide range of […]

9+ Amazing Basic Website Templates

If you are looking for basic website templates, then your search ends here. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular basic website templates for 2019. These templates offer a wide range of features to help you build your website with all the basic features and functionalities. Basic Website Templates Knowledge Base […]

15+ Attention-Grabbing Bootstrap Video Website Templates You Don’t Want to Miss


Until a few years ago, most personal and business websites were limited to content and images. However, that’s not the case anymore, as most modern websites contain intriguing video contents to gather user attention. Interesting and engaging videos about your products and services may even urge website visitors to check them out. Bootstrap video website […]

10+ Impressive Contact Us Page Website Templates Worth Checking Out

contact us page website templates

Contact Pages are one of the simplest and effective ways through which potential customers and other site visitors can get in touch with you. Business websites have become integral marketing and advertising tools these days. In fact, they play a critical role in the success of most business websites. Website visitors who visit your business […]

Top 10 Popular Modern Website Templates 2019


It might be a daunting task to create a website when you haven’t done it before. You might have a lot of questions like which platform should I use? How can I build it? What resources would I need to build a website? What would be the features I would need to make my site […]

Best-Selling Mobile Website Templates You Cant Miss in 2019


A recent study revealed that the number of users who access the web through mobile phones is estimated to be around 62 percent. Studies also claim that the number of mobile users will significantly rise to 2.87 billion by the end of 2020. So, if you do not make your website user-friendly, you risk losing […]

Corporate Website Templates That Can Make Your Website Look Unique

A recent survey revealed that two out of three small businesses heavily relies on websites to get in touch with their customers. The percent of small businesses that have a dedicated business website is estimated to be around 64 percent by the early 2018. The numbers have been steadily increasing since then. If you do […]

12+ Creative PHP Website Templates to Try in 2019

php website template

PHP website templates are an ideal choice for web programmers and developers who are working on a complex web design project. PHP website templates that perfectly matches with the functionality, aesthetic appeal, and other attributes of your website can be found plenty. Most of the PHP templates contain a user-friendly interface, which will come in […]

One Page Website For Startups: Are they worth it?


Ever since one-page website became a fad, designers have to choose between one-page and multi-page websites. One page websites are most often used for promotion of a single product, but are they really good for startups? Read our analysis to find out! One-page website for startups are a good choice for you if you look […]

10+ Best One Page Bootstrap Website Templates You Should Check Out

Single page websites are simple, beautiful, and they allow visitors to easily find the products and information they need. Several businesses prefer to design single page websites, as they have the ability to easily remove clutter. This will in turn put more focus on the product that businesses are trying to promote. Single page websites […]