8 Stylish Bootstrap Admin Templates For Your Next Project

Stylish Bootstrap Admin Templates

For any dynamic website, the user or the admin would need an interface to handle and manage the data that goes into it. This is where an admin dashboard becomes an integral part of any website or web app. With an admin template, you get the tabular views that will be required to showcase records, along with the forms required for data entry.

Or let us think of a scenario where you are planning to build a kind of public dashboard, which displays live data, weather, currency values, or social feeds. In any case, Bootstrap admin templates are the best choice.

When it comes to admin templates, Bootstrap is a popular choice. People look for a range of features when choosing an admin template. With Bootstrap admin template, a complete package of logical layouts, accessible and well-structured information, which is responsive and consistent are available. The way data is displayed, navigation and typography are the other advantages of choosing a Bootstrap admin template, among others.

Besides, the admin dashboard requirements of customers may also vary, which means what works for one might not be a good option for the other. This is where page variations come into the picture. With Bootstrap, you can build things yourself, but page variations help you to walk a step ahead. Apart from layout options, displaying data becomes delightful with Bootstrap admin templates.

Free Bootstrap admin templates stylish

Bootstrap admin templates are always an excellent choice for creating dashboards. Below is a list of the latest free and stylish Bootstrap admin templates that you can use for your next project.

Choose one of our free and stylish Bootstrap admin templates listed below, and start building your dashboard:

Star Admin

The Star Admin template has a simple, yet elegant design. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities, and also offers apro version as well. Use the Star Admin template to create admin panels, CMS, CRM, or project management systems.

This template is compatible with the latest browsers. It is also mobile-friendly and highly responsive. The Star Admin template offers multiple color schemes, basic elements, such as forms, tables, and icons. It is well-documented, which will help you get started with ease.

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Purple Admin

Another beautiful and visually appealing admin template, the Purple Admin template is built using the Bootstrap 4 framework. You can use the Purple admin template to build admin panels, CMS, CRM, or project management systems. The pro version is also available.

The Purple admin has multiple page layout options, and you can customize it with ease based on your preferences. It offers a huge collection of widgets. With the free version of the Purple admin template, you will get basic elements, including buttons, typography, forms, charts, and others. This template is light-weight.

Highly detailed documentation is available to help you get started with. For further details about this free and stylish Bootstrap admin template

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Material Admin

This admin template is based on Google’s Material Design framework, which makes it a popular choice for building dashboards. It offers both free andpaid versions.

The Material Admin template is responsive and mobile-ready. It is compatible with most modern web browsers. Besides these options, it also offers you with a collection of widgets and Material Design icons.

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The Regal admin template is a free and stylish Bootstrap admin template that is built using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Sass. It can be easily customized to fit into your project’s requirements.

The Regal template offers a range of UI elements, tables, charts, multiple page layouts, and template example pages. It is highly responsive and mobile-ready. It has detailed documentation that will make things a lot easier for you.



The Kapella template is a bootstrap admin template built using CSS, jQuery, and HTML5. It has a horizontal menu and offers you the essential UI components and page layouts. It is highly flexible and available for free.

This admin template is responsive and offers from elements, charts, tables, icons, and sample pages. Also, you will find detailed documentation to get you started with.



This is another beautiful Bootstrap admin template that is highly responsive. The RoyalUI template is built using CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Sass, and the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. This template is popular for the excellent user experience that it offers.

Some of its features include UI elements, multiple user pages, form elements, charts, tables, icons, and a default dashboard. It is mobile-ready and compatible with most modern web browsers.

It has detailed documentation, which you can refer for help. For further details on its features and functionalities



This is an open source Bootstrap 4-based admin template. It comes with a paid as well as a free version. The CoreUI template supports a wide range of frameworks, including Vue, Angular, and React. It has an amazing and beautiful design.

The CoreUI template offers a range of widgets, buttons, card styles, forms, switches, and tabs. Also, it comes with font awesome icons and simple line icons integrations.



So, which one would you choose? It could get confusing as each of them offers a wide range of features and functionalities. But as we discussed at the beginning of this article, each dashboard has unique requirements. Consider your dashboard’s specific requirements as this will help you to pick the best one.

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