What Are Responsive WordPress Themes

responsive wordpress themes

If you are designing a new business or personal website for your client, then he or she would have probably requested you to ensure that the theme you use is mobile responsive. Individuals who are new to the world of website design and website development might be probably wondering what a responsive WordPress theme really is. If you belong to that category do not be afraid because we have got you covered.

What is a Responsive WordPress theme

A responsive WordPress theme can be defined as a WordPress theme that was developed in such a way to make it look excellent when viewed from different types of screens. This means that if your business or personal website is responsive, then site visitors who are checking out the site through mobile devices will be easily able to gather the information that they are looking for without any hassles.

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In addition to that, site visitors will even be able to navigate from one webpage to another without any issues. This flexibility and convenience will surely encourage internet users to revisit your website and even check your products and services. Most WordPress theme developers incorporate the use of code in order ri permit websites to resize when the screen size adjusts.

Why Should You Use a Responsive Theme For Your Business Website

A recent survey conducted by experts in the field of online marketing revealed that the majority of internet users prefer to use their tablets and smartphones to surf the web. This evidently proves that designing a flawless website that looks and functions well on devices with smaller screens is crucial. If you fail to do that, then internet users will not be able to enjoy a fine website visiting experience. This is something you should try to avoid, as it will force these users to exit your website and visit a similar one.

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If you have already set up Google Analytics on your website, then you will be easily able to determine the number of users who are visiting your website through smartphones and other mobile devices. If the percentage of smartphone users who are arriving at your website is higher, then it means that your website is mobile-responsive. You should check out your website through a smartphone, as it will help you to get a feel of how internet users are feeling when they are visiting your website.

Points to Remember

It is best to pay attention to the bounce rate of your website when you are going through Google Analytics. If the bounce rate seems pretty high, then make sure to check if this issue is caused by the ones who are visiting your site through mobile devices. If yes, then you will need to put in extra efforts or seek the help of expert website developers and designer to ensure that your site is responsive. You can check out Top Web Development Tools Every Programmer Should Use

Website designers should pay attention to the fact that the average bounce rate for smartphone and other mobile devices is estimated to be around 60 percent. This is approximately 20 percent higher when compared to other types of bounce rates. The good news is that the bounce rate of mobile-friendly websites that comes with a responsive WordPress theme will be considerably lower in almost all scenarios.

How To Check The Responsive Of A Website

If you have already set up a new business or personal website, but do not know whether it is responsive or not, then you can easily check the responsiveness of your website with the help of an internet browser. All you need to do is to use a full-width internet browser, simply make changes to its size, and then examine your website.

If the paragraphs and words in the web pages of your website have already been optimized in order to fit within the shrinking width, then your site will be most likely responsive. If that’s not the case, then you can feel free to conclude that your website is a responsive one. This means that you will need to make a few necessary changes to improve the responsiveness of your website.


It might come as a surprise to many readers when they hear the fact that Google recently started to test websites based on their mobile friendliness. In fact, the popular search engine has even begun to reward sites that are highly responsiveness. There are plenty of simple yet effective tips that will enable you to considerably boost the responsiveness of your website.

Unfortunately, beginners who are new to the world of website designing and responsive themes might not know about these simple tricks and techniques. If that’s the case, then you should consider reaching out to professional website designers and developers. They will make your website a lot more responsive and even help you to learn more on Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates.

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