8 Popular PHP frameworks of 2019

popular php framework

It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a state-of-the-art business website or a simple personal blog, you will need to have access to the right and best web design tools. This is because the success of most web development and design projects heavily depends on how designers make use of these modern and sophisticated set of tools. Unfortunately, several individuals who are new to the world of website development might not even know what these tools are. 

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This is where PHP frameworks comes into play. Most of the PHP frameworks available in the market are well-maintained and well-built. Moreover, these frameworks contain an excellent selection of tools that can be used for different set of processes including back-end streamlining. This is why we highly recommend web developers to use any one of the following PHP frameworks.


Laravel has secured the first position in our trending PHP frameworks list. This is because a recent survey pointed out that the PHP framework Laravel was the most loved choice of thousands of developers when it comes to project use. The excellent templating engine of Laravel makes RESTful routing, caching, authentication, and user management a lot easier for developers.

The handy features that are included in the Laravel framework makes it suitable for building robust applications with a sophisticated backend. Another fascinating aspect of the Laravel framework is that it provides plenty of customization options to developers, which will surely impress them.


Phalcon is another commonly used PHP frameworks that may be suitable for your next web design project. This full-stack framework that was written with the help of C and Coo language was introduced in the year 2012. Since, Phalcon is a C-extension framework, users even the ones with zero or minimal knowledge on C programming will be able to use it.

Phalcon is one of the best developer friendly PHP frameworks available out there and it also features a fascinating collection of brilliant security features. However, one of the major downfalls of this PHP framework is that it is not that open source when compared to the Laravel PHP framework.


It might come as a surprise to many readers when they learn that the CakePHP open source platform was launched approximately 15 years ago. The popularity of this framework has not been lost even now mainly because it is a create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) framework, which means that users will be able to easily use this open source framework.

The excellent documentation and the outstanding safekeeping tools that are available with this framework are also worth mentioning.  Some of the security tools that are included in the CakePHP framework are input validation, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery or CSRF protection.

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In simple words, Yii can be defined as backend development framework that can be used to build different types of web applications at a fast pace. This PHP framework was launched in the year 2008, which means it is a relatively newly launched framework. The lazy loading features available with the Yii PHP framework will considerably improve the speed of your project.

What makes Yii different and unique from other PHP frameworks is that it can be interoperated with Zend and other frameworks. One of the major disadvantages of this lightweight PHP framework is that it cannot be used to develop complex web applications.


The Symphony PHP framework has been available to web developers since the year 2005. Symphony is considered as one of the most reliable and best PHP frameworks by several expert developers. In fact, it has featured in the list of top ten PHP frameworks for multiple numbers of times.

Since, Laravel and Symfony shares too many similarities, selecting a one between these two may seem like a tough and challenging task. Symfony s a well maintained, documented, and supported framework, which is why it has gained immense popularity among web developers and designers.

Zend Framework

Web developers and designers who are looking for a PHP framework that is suitable for large-scale enterprise projects will instantly fall in loved with the Zend framework. If you are using this framework, then you will be able to easily develop high-quality products because this framework is capable of supporting agile methodology.

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One of the best things about the Zend PHP framework is that it contains an excellent selection of components for forms, feeds, validation, and more. Zend also helps website developers to incorporate the use of desired components while working on a project in order to enable them to achieve the results they are after.


The Sinatra inspired PHP framework, Slim is the quickest RESTful framework available in the market today. This framework is commonly used to build small web application projects which doesn’t require a full-stack PHP framework. Developers should also note that the Slim framework can also be used to build RESTful apps and APIs due to their stunning features that includes HTTP caching and URL routing.

If you are looking for a well-built PHP framework that comes with a user-friendly technical documentation, then you do not need to look further because Slim is the right choice for you. The easy to usability of the Slim framework has urged several developers to settle for it.


The PHP framework, CodeIgniter that was launched in the year 2009, is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks by several web developers. The best thing about CodeIgniter is that it contains several prebuilt modules, which can be used to boost the speed of the app development process. These prebuilt modules also make coding a lot easier

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If you are comparing PHP frameworks on the basis of speed, then CodeIgniter will be on top of the PHP frameworks list. CodeIgniter also contains a handy set of libraries, which will surely come handy for beginners. However, developers may find it a little bit hard to modify some of the codes in this PHP framework.

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