10 Open Source Bootstrap Admin Templates

10 Open Source Bootstrap Admin Templates

Bootstrap is the most favored choice of several web developers when it comes to developing back-end interfaces and admin dashboards. Building a powerful web application or dashboard calls the need for a wide array of components. In fact, you will need graphs, tables, charts, and more components to design an excellent web application.

Most of the modern Bootstrap admin templates comes with a simple but elegant design. In addition, they also ensure a fine user experience to customers on both mobile and desktop devices. We have compiled a list of some of the best open-source admin templates that can be easily customized.

Bootstrap Admin Template Open Source Suggestions


The Vanta dark themed Bootstrap admin template features a beautiful and well-designed dashboard. The dashboard comes with plenty of neatly organized components that can easily customized as per user requirements. The template also have plenty of widgets, apps, charts, tables, and icons. 

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Dashflat vertical

The Dashflat admin template designed based on the Bootstrap framework comes with a beautiful dashboard and multiple page layouts. The template also has excellent documentation.

  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Light and dark versions
  • Pop-ups, Calendar, To-do list, and more
  • Huge selection of basic and advanced UI elements
  • Two different Error Pages

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Star Admin

Star Admin is a modern premium admin template featuring two well-designed dashboard layouts. The template also has an impressive blue and white color scheme.

  • RTL and Boxed Page Layouts
  • Apps, Widgets, Editors, and Form Elements
  • 4 Tables and 8 Charts
  • Multiple User, E-commerce, General, and Error Pages
  • Plenty of useful icons

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Azia admin template

Azia Bootstrap admin template is compatible with a wide range of icons. The template also has the ability to bring a unique touch to your web application. 

  • 10 Excellent Dashboards
  • Calendar, Mailbox, Chat, and Contacts
  • More than ten Utilities
  • Huge collection of UI components
  • 5 beautiful page layouts

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Purple Pro

Purple is a lightweight template that comes with an impressive set of icons, UI elements, and other components. It can be used for different types of web development projects without any hassles.

  • Vue, Angular, and jQuery versions
  • Advanced Forms, Calendar Screen, and Email Screen
  • A well-designed dashboard
  • 3 dedicated E-commerce pages
  • Clean and easy to comprehend code

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Breeze Admin

Breeze is a lightweight and super flexible Bootstrap admin template that features a simple, clean, and unique design. The template is designed to look beautiful and clean. Breeze  helps you to easily and quickly build stunning web apps by simplifying the process of web development. 

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Corona templates

The dark and shadowy Corona admin template has an attractive design. The template also gives you access to several icons, tables, charts, and more.

  • Vue and jQuery versions
  • RTL and boxed layouts
  • Five unique Sidebar Layouts
  • More than five charts
  • Notifications, Editors, Form Elements, and more. 

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Material Dashboard Pro

The design of the Material Dashboard Pro is based on the Material Design of Google. The template is built with the open-source Bootstrap framework.

  • Several third-party plugins
  • Reusable components
  • Detailed documentation
  • 8 Unique Example Pages
  • 200 UI elements

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The premium and modern Bootstrap template, Appwork offers 10 elegant color skin choices to users. The template also has a beautiful and clean design.

  • More than 290 UI elements
  • Nice unique layouts
  • More than 40 integrated plugins
  • Gallery, Invoice, File Manager, Chat, and Teams
  • 25 Extra Pages

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Designed based on the open-source Bootstrap framework, Angle comes with ten different versions. The template is compatible with most modern browsers. 

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multiple layouts and color choices
  • Multiple demo layouts
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Excellent documentation

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