One Page Website For Startups: Are they worth it?

One Page Website For Startups: Are they worth it?

Ever since one-page website became a fad, designers have to choose between one-page and multi-page websites. One page websites are most often used for promotion of a single product, but are they really good for startups? Read our analysis to find out!

One-page website for startups are a good choice for you if you look forward to:

Easy management and faster execution

One-page websites are easier to create compared to multi-page websites. This makes one-page website templates a quicker option which saves you a lot of time. Also, since all the content is in one place, these templates make it easier to manage a website. The easy-to-find location of the content will make it simple to bring about any update and make quick changes.

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Convincing and Compelling

Many websites have their data divided into multiple pages and CTA buttons installed on the very first page. Asking a person to sign up when they haven’t even learned about your service properly doesn’t always work, does it? 

Here is where one-page website templates come to your rescue. Instead of getting a blunt experience and scattered information, the user gets a seamless grasp of all the content. The pageless design focuses the attention of the user to just one page making the overall information much easier to understand.

A story format approach

What do websites basically do? It helps us interact with users and provide them with the information they were looking for. The data visualization can be done best in the form of stories and what best way to tell a story than to stretch it out on a single page with pictures and videos attached. 

Explaining a concept with many paragraphs is difficult but with storytelling, it becomes easier to keep users' attention. One-page website template makes storytelling easier and interesting. Users going through the website in a single flow will find the experience more captivating and immersive.

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Lower bounce rates and higher promotion

The bounce rates of one-page websites are much lesser than those of multiple page websites. Since the data is displayed on one page, users are less confused and can easily grasp the information. The one-page template focuses on one topic and reflects in well making the user stick to it.

One-page website templates also increase the chances of them sharing the website. When sharing useful data, sharing an entire website doesn’t do the trick as one has to go through the pages to find the content they were searching for. Sharing one-page websites provide the receiver with the obvious data, making the sharing experience better.

The design goes well with all devices

One-page website template provides you a pageless design that looks great in every screen-size. Pageless design uniformly adjusts to the platform.

Satisfying user experience and higher conversion rates

The ultimate objective of every website is a better user experience and a high conversion rate. Presenting a whole website with manage pages and sections to impress users takes a whole lot of time and energy, but not with the one-page website template. A little tweaking of the website with creative animation added at places and making the CTA buttons chime is enough to grab the user's attention.  

One page website templates are innovative, faster and more effective. It makes generating new leads, growing one’s online community, promoting products and selling goods and services very straightforward and simple. Will this pageless design ultimately become the future of the web? Only time will tell.

Check out one such cool one-page website template, Marshmallow. With its seamless design and powerful features, this might be the page for you to land on.