Why you Should Learn Bootstrap

Why you Should Learn Bootstrap

Bootstrap can be defined as an open-source framework that was developed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto (Two Twitter Employees). The Bootstrap framework is one of the most loved choices of both web designers and developers these days. This is because this tool helps them to develop web applications and websites without any hassles. It is crucial to take note of the fact that the launch of the Bootstrap framework has made web designing a lot easier.

An important thing to remember is that the Bootstrap 4 framework comes with CSS and HTML based templates for navigation, buttons, forms, typography, and several other interface components.  The abundant number of features that comes with this fascinating framework enables designers to create websites easily, and even make sure that their apps and sites will look great on different browsers and devices. Below are a few more reasons that will explain why you need to learn Bootstrap if you are planning to develop web apps or websites.

Ease of Use

One of the best aspects of the Bootstrap 4 framework is that it offers LESS files to users who are familiar with the process of CSS preprocessing. However, if you prefer not to use these files or if you do not know how to use them, then you will be able to rely on CSS files for the same task.

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You will need to do go to the official website of the Bootstrap framework, download the files, unzip them, and then finally include these files in the head of the HTML files. If you do this, then you will be able to gain access to the entire library of the framework, and even use the pre-defined Bootstrap framework classes if necessary.

Highly Flexible

Thousands of web designers and developers from all over the world love to work with the Bootstrap framework. This is mainly because this excellent framework offers more flexibility to users when compared to other popular frameworks. The handy JavaScript functions, useful CSS components, and predefined layout classes help designers to easily create highly functional and flawless websites.

Developers who are using the Bootstrap 4 framework will be able to make use of the above-mentioned tools to bring the desired results to their website. This will in turn them help them to bring a personal touch to their website, and make it look different from others.

Responsive Grid

The strongest aspect of the Bootstrap framework is undoubtedly its highly-responsive grid. This framework has an excellent 12 column grid system, which is responsive. This means that the grid system will be able to adjust itself according to different device resolutions. This will make your website look great on laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

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These responsive grids have lg, md, sm, and xs classes. Each one of these classes represents a certain device resolution. All users need to do is to simply include these classes when they are defining the visibility of elements in the markup.

Comprehensive List of Components

Bootstrap framework has an excellent collection of components that are essential for developing a website. Some of these components are Badges, Labels, Alerts, Progress Bar, Navigation Bar, and Drop Down Menus. The availability of these handy components will make the process of web designing a fairly simple process even to beginners.

In addition to that, the presence of these components will help you to save plenty of your valuable time. This is because you will not need to develop these components from scratch. Another added benefit is that website designers and developers will not even have to worry about cross-device and cross-browser compatibility too.

JavaScript Libraries

Several users who are new to the world of web designing and Bootstrap framework will be surprised to hear that this excellent framework contains an excellent selection of pre-developed ready-to-use plugins. Apart from that, multiple numbers of poplar functions are also available with the Bootstrap 4 framework.

Tabs, Alerts, Pop Overs, Tooltips, ScrollSpy, and several other handy tools will surely be available to website designers and developers who settle for the Bootstrap 4 framework. Another important point to note is that customizing and using these plugins and functions is very simple.

Frequent Updates

It might come as a surprise to many when they hear the fact that the bootstrap framework releases more updates than most other popular frameworks. Errors and issues rarely occur with this framework, and even if there happen to be any issues, the bootstrap development team resolved them as soon as possible.

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The frequent release of the Bootstrap framework is highly beneficial to users. For instance, a number of new and exciting tools and features are usually included in every Bootstrap update. Developers who have access to such most-modern and highly-sophisticated tools will be able to make their website look stunning and even improve its performance.

Detailed Documentation

Another important thing you need to know about the Bootstrap framework is that it comes with detailed documentation. This is one of the major reasons why it has millions of users from all over the globe. The detailed documentation of this framework enables users even the ones who are new to the field of web designing will be able to create websites with ease.

The detailed documentation of Bootstrap contains demos and examples that help users to easily learn the concepts of the framework and get familiar with it. The forums that are included in the framework will help users to move forward with their project even if they happen to be stuck somewhere.


The Bootstrap framework was initially created in order to offer a centralized development code to web designers and developers. The end result provided by this fascinating open-source framework will be uniform across different platforms.

So, users who are incorporating the use of the Bootstrap framework will not have to worry about any kind of compatibility issues with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Browsers, and more. This freedom and flexibility will surely come in handy and enable you to design flawless websites without any hassles.

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