Free HTML Admin Templates Download

Free HTML Admin Templates Download

Building and designing layouts and pages for a web application used to be a time-consuming process until the arrival of HTML admin templates. These handy tools made the process of web development and design a lot faster and simpler.

Most of the HTML admin templates available out there are rich in features and components. In addition, you can even find several types of page layouts, demos, and widgets with these templates. Leverage the power of any one of these following templates to build a stunning web application.


The clean and neatly designed Majestic admin template has all the necessary features and tools to impress your customers. The template also boasts a fine collection of widgets, elements, and other tools. It even comes with an easy-to-comprehend code and detailed documentation.

The Majestic admin template has plenty of separate page layouts that includes Lockscreen, Register 2, Register, Login 2, and Login. In addition, you can find basic, hoverable, bordered, striped, and inverse table styles along with a table with contextual classes.



Purple is a modern multi-purpose HTML admin template that spots a unique design. The Purple Bootstrap admin template contain all necessary elements that are essential for developing web apps. In fact, you can find buttons, icons, and several samples pages with the template.

It also has plenty of tables and charts that will help you to easily and properly represent data. Purple is also incredible flexible and can be customized easily. Several added features are available in the premium version of the template.

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Star Admin

The fully responsive Star Admin HTML template can be used to build project management systems, e-commerce systems, and admin panels. The template also offers a fine user experience to customers across different browsers and devices.

There are plenty of components within the Star Admin templates and they all are neatly arranged. The flexibility and user-friendliness of the template will surely come in handy when you are making customizations. It also has plenty of tables, charts, sample pages, and icons.

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The Material admin template is designed based on the Material Design guidelines of the search engine giant, Google. Every single element and component that are required to develop a powerful web app is available with Material. The beautiful color scheme of the template also deserves appreciation.

Material has a simple and well-commented code, which will make you to easily make necessary customizations. For data representation and organization, you can use the different charts and graphs in Material.

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Stellar is another free HTML admin template that is built with the Bootstrap 4 framework. Even though it is a free template, it is rich when it comes to features and UI elements. The template also supports Google Chrome, Safari, and other modern web browsers.

Stellar also features a well-designed and neat interface thanks to its clean and easy to comprehend code. You can find multiple page layouts, widgets, and icons with the Stellar Bootstrap admin template. A premium version of Stellar with more features is also available.

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The modern HTML admin template built with the Bootstrap 4 framework, Regal features a minimal design. The template offers a fine selection of page layouts, icons, tables, and charts to customers. These elements will speed up the process of web development without compromising on quality.

The Regal admin template can be used to develop project management systems, admin panels, and several other web applications. The template also has a simple and clean interface and well-commented code.



Kapella is a free HTML admin website template that boasts a clean and elegant design. The neatly arranged and well-designed components of Kapella will help you to smartly showcase content and products. The templates also have a simple and easy to comprehend code.

There are plenty of page layouts, icons, and other components in Kapella. All these components can be easily customized as per your preference. Finally, the template is cross-browser compatible and responsive too.



Royal is a mobile-friendly, flexible, and user-friendly website template that can be used for different projects. The striking color theme, simple design, and neatly organized components of Royal will surely impress you. The template also has a fine collection of widgets, icons, and page layouts.

The lightweight and user-friendly nature of Royal will help you to easily develop and customize web apps. The template also has different types of charts and tables for data representation and organization.



CoreUI is a simple HTML admin template that spots a unique design. The template has a simple code, which make customization easier. The beautiful color palette and excellent features of CoreUI makes it one of the best free admin templates.

It comes with plenty of plugins, charts, tables, and other components. In fact, you can even find different types of page styles with the template.



The number of features and essential elements available in free HTML admin templates is minimum. That said, you will still be able to develop stunning web apps with these templates. However, if you need access to a template with more features, it is best to opt for a premium admin template.