Best Free Unique Bootstrap Admin Templates to Build Powerful Web Apps

Best Free Unique Bootstrap Admin Templates to Build Powerful Web Apps

Creating an admin dashboard from scratch is actually a good idea if you are working with an in-house team of expert developers. However, this might not seem like a good idea for startups and small business firms. This is because they will have to spend a huge sum of money on web and UX designers. 

Fortunately, you can save both money and time by using a free unique admin template for your project. You will be able to make necessary customizations to the template with ease. Most of the templates that have listed below has undergone thorough testing from experts. Here are a few free unique Bootstrap admin templates to build powerful web applications.


Majestic provides a number of choices to customers when they are choosing charts, page layouts, or any other aspect of their web application or website. 

  • 5 Well-designed User Pages
  • Detailed documentation
  • Well-commented and simple code
  • Neatly arranged and easy-to-customizable components
  • Cross-browser compatible


Star Admin

The elegantly designed Star Admin template that features a beautiful color scheme can be used for different web development projects.

  • GULP Automation
  • Different Tables, Forms, and Charts
  • Fully Responsive
  • Multiple number of User Pages
  • Clean and well-commented code.

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Purple Pro

Purple is a free website admin template featuring a flat but elegant design. The template can be used to develop a wide variety of web applications.

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • Well-designed default dashboard
  • Can be customized easily
  • Detailed documentation and simple code.

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Regal is an excellent free Bootstrap admin template that has a huge collection of plugins and reusable UI components. The template works seamless across different devices and browsers.

  • Multiple tables and charts
  • Fully responsive
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers
  • Five User Pages
  • Plenty of icons are included



All plugins and components that are required to easily develop and customize web applications can be found within Material. It can be used to build application backend, CMS, and more.

  • Designed based on Google’s Material Design Framework
  • Four Sample Pages
  • Super Flexible and easy-to-use
  • Cross browser compatible
  • A professional looking dashboard with neatly arranged components

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Royal is a unique admin template designed based on the open-source Bootstrap framework. It has a beautiful color scheme and elegant design.

  • Elegantly designed pages for Register, Login, and Lockscreen
  • Six Tables and Charts for data organization and representation
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Responsive design and compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and other modern web browsers.
  • Excellent Documentation



Stellar is a multipurpose free Bootstrap admin template that offers plenty of design and customization options to customers. The template also has a modern, simple, but beautiful design.

  • Easy to comprehend code
  • 100+ Web Application and File Type Icons
  • A well-designed dashboard with properly organized components
  • Fully responsive
  • Five General Pages

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Kapella is another unique Bootstrap admin template that features a beautiful color scheme. The components of Kapella are arranged in a clean and elegant way within bordered boxes. 

  • Responsive design
  • Excellent documentation and easy to comprehend code
  • Components can be customized easily
  • Two separate Pages for Register and Login
  • Multi charts and tables to represent and organize data



One of the major disadvantages of free unique Bootstrap admin template is that they have lesser number of features, elements, and tools. The issue with this is that if you are working on a complex project, then a free template might fail to satisfy your project requirements. If that’s the case, then it is best to looking for premium Bootstrap admin templates.