Best Bootstrap Admin Templates Responsive Free

Best Bootstrap Admin Templates Responsive Free

A major portion of internet users access the web through smartphones and other mobile devices. This has urged Google to ensure that the websites that pop up on its top search results is mobile-friendly and responsive. Users prefer not to visit websites or pages that doesn’t adjust to fit on mobile devices today. So, in short, it is critical to ensure that your web app or website is responsive.

One of the simplest ways to build a responsive website or web app is to use a Bootstrap admin templates. Most of the Bootstrap templates available out there are fully responsive and compatible with most internet browsers. This will in turn guarantee a fine user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Some of the best free and premium admin templates that are responsive are listed below.


The multipurpose free Bootstrap admin template, Majestic is designed based on Bootstrap 4. Even though, it has a simple design, its attractive and colorful color tone will instantly grab your attention. You can find pages for Login, Register, and Lockscreen in Majestic. 

  • Different types of charts and tables
  • Useful UI elements
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Well-commented code
  • Detailed and excellent documentation


Star Admin

Star Admin is a powerful, clean, and super flexible admin template that offers unlimited possibilities to users. The sample page layouts and easy-to-use nature of the template will help you to experiment with the design of your web application.

  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Excellent Documentation
  • User-friendly interface and modern design
  • Available in Vue, jQuery, and Angular versions
  • Multiple User Pages

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Designed based on the Material Design framework of Google, Material features a unique but elegant design. The template comes with a beautiful color scheme with plenty of useful components. In addition, Material also offers a wide variety of icons, tables, and charts to users.

  • Detailed Documentation
  • Easy to comprehend code
  • RTL compatible
  • Plenty of Sample Pages
  • Can be easily customized as per project requirements

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Royal is powered by the Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and Sass. The different types of charts and tables in Royal will come in handy when it comes to data representation and organization. The components within Royal are arranged elegantly within square boxes inside the dashboard.

  • Essential UI elements are included
  • Multiple page styles
  • Simple code
  • Can be used to build CMS, application backends, and other web apps
  • Multiple icons and form elements



Stellar is another free Bootstrap template that is equipped with a fascinating collection of handy tools and essential elements. You can find a pie chart, line chart, bar chart, stacked bar chart, real-time chart, and area chart. These options will help you represent data in an attractive and efficient way.

  • Simple code that even beginners can comprehend
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and other modern web browsers. 
  • Five Separate General Pages
  • Striking color theme and user-friendly interface
  • Plenty of neatly arranged components

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Premium Bootstrap Templates


yora ui admin templates

Yora is a creative admin template designed based on the open-source Bootstrap framework. It comes with a wide array of UI elements, icons, and form elements. In fact, all necessary features that are required to build a powerful web app is available with Yora. 

  • Compatible with most web browsers
  • Detailed documentation and easy to comprehend code
  • 10+ General Pages
  • More than 15 UI elements
  • Minimalistic design and user-friendly interface

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Equinox is a simple, modern, and well-designed admin template that can help you build different web applications. It features an abundant collection of advanced and basic UI elements that includes Badges, Buttons, Modals, Tabs, Sliders, Loaders, and Clipboard.

  • Horizontal & vertical layouts
  • Light and dark themed versions
  • More than 5 charts 
  • Simple and well-commented code
  • 3 dedicated pages for e-commerce



Azia admin template

Azia is a classy-looking premium admin template that boasts a modern design. Ten different dashboard choices are available with Azia. The template also features a fine collection of forms, UI elements, charts, maps, and tables. 

  • 5 separate Page layouts
  • Multiple apps and utilities
  • Easy to comprehend code
  • Can easily track and represent data, as there are plenty of tables and charts
  • Cross-browser compatible

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Purple Pro

The feature-rich Purple Bootstrap admin dashboard template can be used to develop different web applications. The ready to use elements and excellent features of Purple help you make necessary customizations. It also has a multi-colored tone and neatly organized components. 

  • jQuery, Vue, and Angular versions are available
  • Detailed documentation
  • 4 Page layouts and 5 sidebar layouts
  • 15+ UI elements
  • 5 Well-designed User Pages

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Corona templates

Corona is a dark themed premium admin template with a unique design. The beautifully designed template has a Gallery, E-mail, To-do-list, and calendar along with plenty of icons and form elements. You can even find separate E-commerce, Error, User, and General Pages. 

  • Well-commented code
  • Available in Vue and jQuery versions
  • Multiple sidebar and page layouts
  • 4 Tables and 5+ charts for data representation
  • Super flexible and user-friendly

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