5 Top Drupal Bootstrap Themes

top drupal bootstrap themes

Drupal powers the back-end of more than 2% websites across the globe. Drupal is an open-source content management system, which is written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is available for free. You can use Drupal for a variety of niches, including corporate, news, business, personal blogs, and even for business collaboration and knowledge management.

This content management software has a range of features, such as reliable and scalable performance, great security and support, content authority, versatility, and modularity, which form some of the most important features of all. The tools offered by Drupal can be used to create seamless, flexible and structured content to offer your users with an excellent web experience. With Drupal themes, you can alter the appearance and feel of your Drupal site.

Bootstrap framework, which was developed by Twitter, is a responsive framework. It comes with a wide range of built-in components, features, functionalities and a versatile grid layout, which helps you build great websites from the scratch. With Bootstrap, you can save a lot of your design and development time as it offers a number of features and functionalities to speed up the development process.

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A mix of Drupal and Bootstrap gives us some of the top Drupal Bootstrap themes that your business needs to make its presence impressive over the web. To make your job easier, we have listed below some of these top Drupal Bootstrap themes that would make your web design and development process simple:

Drupal 8 W3CSS theme

Drupal 8 W3CSS is the first of Drupal 8 themes to use a small and easy-to-learn w3.css framework. This Drupal Bootstrap theme is easy to use and comes with fast loading times which is why it is one of the top Drupal Bootstrap themes. By default, it is responsive. The websites developed using this theme is cross-browser compatible and renders excellently across a variety of devices, regardless of their screen sizes. Some of its features include more than 25 sections with variable colors, over 20 predefined themes, and 20+ regions.

Why use Drupal 8 W3 CSS theme?

  • As discussed, it is much smaller and faster than most of the other CSS frameworks that are available.
  • Also, it is easier to learn and use when compared with the other CSS frameworks.
  • It helps in simplifying and speeding up web development.
  • By default, it supports modern responsive design and is mobile-ready.
  • It offers CSS equality for all devices and all modern browsers.
  • It uses only standard CSS. There are no jQuery and JavaScript library.


2. Reader

Are you planning to launch news or a magazine website? Then, Reader is the best Drupal Bootstrap theme you have. This theme is an ideal choice for news and magazine websites. With an elegant grid layout, it offers you enough room for advertising and promotions. You can also embed video content from sites, including YouTube and Vimeo. It also provides you with provisions to create appealing author profiles.

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Apart from these, you can enjoy a wide range of customization options that come with this theme. Also, it offers responsive design and plenty of space for featuring images within your articles. No matter whether you want to build a normal multi-category news site of a sophisticated modern thematic magazine, Reader would easily fit in.

Some of its features include:

  • It uses HTML5 and CSS3.
  • It offers a responsive layout.
  • It is search-engine optimized.
  • It comes with a wide range of in-built components, such as tabs, accordions, tables, gallery, sliders, columns, toggles, and typography.


3. Alpine

Alpine is one of the top Drupal Bootstrap themes, which can be used by freelancers or agencies to display their portfolios along with the projects that they have worked on. Since the theme offers portfolio filters and project expander, it becomes easy to share in-depth the details of each of the portfolio item that is being displayed.

It offers you with a wide range of features such as customizable 404 page, Google and Typekit fonts, easily customizable options from admin theme settings page, and demo install profile.

Listed below are its key functionalities:

  • Styling customization features: It offers advanced styling customization features, which provides you with a wide range of options by altering navigation styles, backgrounds for sections, such as header, footer, parallax, and others.
  • Custom background option: With the custom background option, you can choose a customized background for each section. This helps you add creative ideas to your website, while parallax sections make your pages appear even more appealing and gorgeous.
  • Responsive: Each element of the Alpine theme is fully responsive, which makes it one of the top Drupal Bootstrap themes.
  • Home sections that are available in four different versions: Alpine provides you with four versions for home sections. You can choose to customize each of these sections based on your requirements. The different versions available include pattern flex slider, MD full-screen slider, maximage full-screen slider, and YouTube video background.
  • Ajax project expander: As Alpine integrated AJAX functionality into the portfolio section, it provides support for media, such as VIMEO and YouTube.
  • Parallax: Since Alpine is built using Parallax JavaScript, it allows you to make your site beautiful and with the customization options available with Alpine, you can add creative ideas to your site.
  • Color skins: It offers six versions of skin colors.
  • Isotope Portfolio: There are four full-width columns available for the portfolio, which can never be split into rows while allowing you to display your portfolio neatly.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: This is supported across some of the major browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, IE9+, and Firefox.
  • Detailed documentation: There is detailed documentation available on how to use this along with information on some of its key features.


4. Mayo

Want to create a beautiful website, which is highly professional and aesthetic in appearance? Then, this is one of the top Drupal Bootstrap themes. With Drupal’s color module and advanced theme settings, it is easier for you to choose a color the components of the theme, which include a header, node, page, base, footer, and sidebar. Also, you have the option to specify the background color, link color, border color and text color for each of the components.

The name “MAYO” is derived from the phrases “Make Your Own” and “Mayonnaise”. The main intention behind this theme is to make it easier for users to customize and create a theme of their choice. This theme is developed on the basis of the PIXTURE theme combining the features of Drupal 7, including color module and advanced theme settings.

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MAYO is versatile and simple to use. You have the option to customize the appearance of MAYO theme from the theme settings page, regardless of whether you have a profound knowledge of CSS, PHP, and HTML.

Some of its features are listed below:

  •    It offers an in-site search form, which can be placed with the header area easily.
  •    It supports the Superfish and Nice Menus drop-down menu modules.
  •    It can be customized to be used for all kinds of sites, including light color-based and dark color-based sites.
  •    It provides support for a variety of regions, including the footer columns.
  •    Since it doesn’t use images for the theme, it doesn’t take too long to load and display.
  •    You have the option to add controls to maximize or minimize the text size of your site.
  •    It implements jQuery and JavaScript.


5. Corporate Clean

Corporate Clean as the name suggests is one of the top Drupal Bootstrap themes that has been designed for corporate businesses and it comes with a wide range of options. This theme is available for free. It is responsive and features minimalist design.

Some of the key features of this theme include:

  • Minimalist design: it offers a simple and neat design.
  • It allows color module integration.
  • It offers a responsive layout and is mobile-ready.
  • It is compliant with Drupal standards.
  • It provides you with the first sidebar, footer first, footer second, footer bottom right, footer third, footer, search area, content, and navigation options.
  • It offers multilingual menu support.
  • It offers an “alignment” color scheme.
  • It offers the Superfish module support with details on how the Superfish menus can be integrated.
  • It links the Superfish menu background or colors with the core Color module.
  • It offers one-, two- and three-column layout support.
  • You have a jQuery slideshow, which is based on the jQuery cycle plugin.
  •  A theme setting is available to prevent slideshow from ending.
  •  Also, you can find another theme setting, which can be used to adjust the Slideshow when there comes a “pause while hovering”.
  •  There are theme settings for adjusting the slideshow effect and duration of the slideshow effect.
  •  It offers theme setting for Breadcrumb display.
  •  Upon window load, the slideshow fades away.
  •  Based on each slider’s content, the slideshow’s height gets adjusted automatically.
  •  Complete HTML support is available for each slider element.
  •  It is fully documented.


Using Drupal Bootstrap themes

Today, Bootstrap is one of the most preferred front-end frameworks for designing responsive themes, while Drupal is much in demand for designing the back-end. Though Bootstrap can be easily integrated with most of the major content management systems, it is found to blend in well with Drupal to offer readily usable and beautiful themes for designing professional websites and great themes.

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