Top 17 Dark Bootstrap Admin Templates

dark bootstrap admin templates

Currently, a variety of admin dashboard templates are available. Amid those templates, dark-themed admin templates have become a trend. We decided to help you choose from some of the best dark-themed admin templates with our customized list of these to make your job easier.


Corona is considered to be one of the best dark admin theme templates that are available. It is powered by Bootstrap 4 and supports all the latest web development tools, which makes it the ideal choice for developing complex apps, according to web developers who have already used it for their projects. Since it is built on the latest Bootstrap version, it is also responsive.

This template offers a clean and simple design that is also professional, user-friendly with no compromise over quality. You will find that it has minimal components, which makes it light-weight and fast, at the same time. However, it comprises all the essential UI components and plugins that are required to create a web app.

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Star Admin Pro

Star Admin Dark Template

Star Admin is a modern Bootstrap dark admin template that boasts a stunning design and clean code. Star Admin dark themed template is suitable for building a wide variety of web applications. It is powered with CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, SASS, and jQuery.

The responsive and cross-browser compatible Star Admin template is available in jQuery, Angular, and Vue versions. It comes with two different dashboards, 15+ essential UI elements, and over 5 different page layouts. The incredibly flexibility and user-friendliness of Star Admin is bound to impress you and your customers.

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JustDo is a multipurpose premium Bootstrap admin template, which was developed using jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and the Bootstrap 4 framework. It is a fully responsive admin dashboard template. It comes with a wide range of UI components and several handy plugins. Recognized by Envato team as one of the most feature-rich admin templates, the dark-theme Justdo is easy on the eyes with an optional hero block for items that need attention.

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Majestic Pro

majestic admin pro dark admin template

Your search for a powerful Bootstrap admin template that features a breathtaking dark themed version ends here with the Majestic Pro admin template. The template is incredible flexible and can be easily customized as its styling is done by the SASS preprocessor.

The Majestic Pro template is built with the Bootstrap framework, CSS, SASS, HTML5, and jQuery. It has a huge collection of UI elements, handy components, and other tools. In addition, the template also contains plenty of page layouts, tables, and charts.

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Designed based on the Bootstrap 4 framework, Dashflat features a flat, simple, and modern design. It comes with vertical and horizontal layouts and you can also opt for either the light themed version or the dark one. Over 15 UI elements and multiple page styles are available with the Dashflat admin template. 

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The dark theme of Fily is one of the numerous demo variations of the same. The dark theme demo of this template comes with an interface that is highly professional and can be used for creating applications that will undoubtedly leave your users spellbound. The UI elements embedded within the template’s interface offer a wide range of colors and typography to meet your business requirements. All this will together drive the user attention to the required spot.

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This is why Fily is considered to be one of the best dark admin theme templates. Since it is powered by Bootstrap’s latest version, it works well across a range of screen devices and is compatible with all the modern web browsers. Also, professionals who have already used it recommend it as one of the best options for complex apps.

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If you are searching for a feature-rich Bootstrap admin template with light and dark themed versions, then PolluxUI might be suitable for you. This easy to customize and user-friendly template contains a fine selection of UI elements. These elements will help you to easily build and customize web apps.

In addition, ten well-designed pre-built widgets are available with the PolluxUI Bootstrap admin template. The responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and stunning design of PolluxUI will surely impress you and your customers.

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Are you looking for a powerful admin template that comes with a stunning dark themed version? If so, then you will surely love the AllurUI Bootstrap admin template. The responsive template also comes with over 15 essential UI elements that includes Buttons, Tabs, and Modals.

In addition, ten elegantly designed pre-built widgets are available with the AllurUI Bootstrap admin template. You can also find plenty of pages, icons, tables, and charts with the template. The code of Allur is simple and can be comprehended easily.

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Spica UI

If you are looking for a dark Bootstrap admin template that will help you build stunning web apps, then give Spica UI admin template a try. This excellent template comes with an impressive set of tools and features, which will help you to easily design and customize websites. The clean and well-written code of Spica is also worth mentioning.

Developers who choose the Spica UI admin template will be able to make use of more than 15 UI elements. In addition to that, they can use ten pre-built widgets and multiple numbers of page layouts. Make use of these elements if you want to make your website look unique.

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One of the striking attributes of the Celestial UI admin template is that it comes with both dark and light themed versions. This means that you will be easily able to choose a theme that suits the requirements of your web development project. That said, the dark themed version of Celestial has the ability to instantly capture the attention of customers.

This excellent template is built with Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, and SASS. Another interesting thing to note is that the styling of the template is done by using the SASS preprocessor. This has in turn made website and web app customizations a lot easier. Celestial is also responsive and offer support for most modern internet browsers.

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One of the best things about the Equinox Bootstrap admin template is that it gives developers access to a wide variety of excellent elements and components. These tools will surely come in handy when you are designing and customizing websites. If you are looking to build a professional looking website, then it is best to use the Equinox Bootstrap admin template.

Designers who choose this dark Bootstrap admin themed admin template will be able to use more than 10 essential UI elements. The number of pre-build widgets that are available with this template is estimated to be over ten. The incredible flexibility and easy to customizability of Equinox will surely impress you.

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Another best choice for web designers who are looking for an impressive dark admin theme template is DatavizUI. This template offers a wide variety of UI components, along with other essential tools and functionalities. It offers a high level of versatility and adaptability and is easy to customize, which again makes it a favorite of web developers.

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If you choose the DatavizUI theme, you will get to use more than 10 useful components. Some of these include eight charts, pre-built widgets, four form widgets and a variety of other components. This template is responsive, which makes it work well across all devices, irrespective of their screen sizes. Also, it is compatible with a number of latest browsers.

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Appular would be one of the best choices if you are looking for latest dark admin theme templates. It offers you with multi-demo options to fit into your app’s requirements, which makes it one of the popular choices among developers these days. You will find that each component within the template is specifically designed to blend in with the dark theme.

This template is built using the latest version of Bootstrap, and hence, it is responsive and compatible with most modern browsers. It is easy and simple to create apps with this template, as it offers a wide collection of integrated plugins and UI components.

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Serein Admin is a premium Bootstrap admin dark template, powered by Bootstrap 4 framework, jQuery, CSS and HTML 5. This multi-purpose and fully responsive bootstrap admin template comes with a wide range of reusable UI components and integrated plugins.

Also, another unknown fact about Serein is that it is one among the best admin panel templates to be featured on Theme Forest. It is easy to work on app development using this template as there is no need of starting from the scratch, but you can start from any stage of your project, rather than having to restart or undo and start from the beginning.

Serein was created using Google’s Material design, which ensures that your app is blessed with excellent usability and high performance.

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This responsive admin dashboard template is based on Bootstrap 3. It looks great across devices of any type, regardless of their screen sizes and offers a great user experience. This template offers more than 10 dark skins, which gives you enough options to choose from.

You will find all the essential Bootstrap components within this template required to complement the theme of the template. The template comes with opaque widgets and its latest design is what makes it popular. For the sidebar menu of the template, you can hover upon the sidebar icons.

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Before we check the dark theme of Blur Admin template, it is important to know that it has two versions – the mint version and the blur version. The blur version has a dark theme while the mint version is light themed. Another interesting fact about the blur version of Blur admin is that it is powered by Angular and Bootstrap 3, and it is powered by Gulp and Sass.

This template is available for free. This template has a clean and neat design, and the template comes with a huge collection of UI components. It offers a variety of charting libraries, which help in the visualization of data across charts and graphs. Some of these libraries include Chart.js, Morris, Chartist, and Amcharts. You can use the template’s basic and smart tables to view the data within the tables.

You can easily kick-off your project without any hassles using this template as it is well-documented.

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This responsive admin template is powered by Bootstrap 3 and this template has a flat design. The template has a darker background, so that the components blend in well with it, while the navbar of the template has a lighter background.

You will find that the components of the template use a variety of shades of the same color and a minimalist approach is applied across the interface to get rid of clutter. The components of the template are categorized into a variety of sections. The main section of the template comprises a dashboard and three monitoring pages. Within the UI component section, you will find form elements, graphs, charts, tables, and general UI elements.

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This is one of the most widely preferred dark-themed admin template. It is well-suited for larger and complex apps. However, the template’s interface has a minimalist and flat design. You will find that the header and sidebar have five main colors altogether. But you can easily change the skin for the header and sidebar separately based upon your preference or project requirements. Borders and spaces are used to separate each element. White and grey are the colors used for the text.

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All the functionalities required for a project are available within this template. Some of the features include widgets, UI components, charts, tables, forms, and others. There are around 40 color combinations, along with over 30 apps, 120 pages, 10 sidebars, 20 layouts, and 11 dashboards. This is a premium template, which costs US$15 for each app and is clearly documented.

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Choosing dark admin theme templates

Based on your business requirements, choose the one that meets your requirements. Some of the above-discussed templates offer a minimalistic design, while there are those that offer a lot more functionalities and features. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your project needs.

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