8 Bootstrap Free Admin Templates Download

8 Bootstrap Free Admin Templates Download

The open-source framework, Bootstrap is one of the most used web development tools available out there. The excellent features and tools that are available with Bootstrap have simplified the processes web designing and developments. The incredible flexibility and user-friendliness of this framework has even allowed amateurs to design powerful web apps.  

Today, Bootstrap admin templates with different types of features and components are available plenty in the market. These powerful tools help you develop a wide variety of web apps at a rapid pace. Let us take a look at some of the best and popular Bootstrap templates that are available for free.


The responsive and cross-browser compatible template, Majestic is designed based on Bootstrap. The template boasts a stunning design that will impress all types of customers.

It can be used to build CMS, admin panels, and several other web applications. The template also contains plenty of useful UI components that includes buttons and badges.


Star Admin

Powered by the latest version of Bootstrap framework, Star Admin comes with a fine selection of UI elements and other components. The template also has a striking color theme that most customers will love.

The Star Admin Bootstrap template also has plenty of different charts and tables. These components will help you when it comes to data representation and organization. A pro version of the template is also available in the market.

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Purple Pro

The multipurpose free admin template, Purple has a simple design and user-friendly interface. The well-designed dashboard and elegant page layouts of Purple will help you to add a unique touch to your web app.

The template comes with multiple numbers of page layouts, widgets, and UI elements. It also comes with a clean and easy to comprehend code, which is why Purple is an ideal choice for beginners. 

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Regal is a new player in the field of Bootstrap admin template. However, all necessary elements and tools that are needed to build a stunning web app is available with Regal.

There are a number of tables and charts included with the Regal Bootstrap admin template. This will help you to organize data without any hassles. The template also has a simple but elegant design. 



Stellar is a beautiful Bootstrap admin template that features a fresh and clean design. The incredible flexibility of this template will help you to make necessary customizations without any hassles.

The template also supports most modern web browsers that includes Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also has plenty of UI elements, charts, tables, and icons. 

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The Material admin Bootstrap template is designed based on the Material Design of Google. You can find a number of icons, elements, and other components within the Material admin Bootstrap template.

The template also has a fine collection of tables and charts, which will help you to organize data. Finally, the template is also responsive and supports most internet browsers. This will guarantee a fine user experience across different devices. 

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Kapella is another excellent free template that is rich in features and elements. The incredible flexibility of the template will help you to easily design web apps and make necessary customizations without any hassles.

The template also has plenty of icons, tables, charts, and other handy tools. Kapella is also responsive, which will make your website look great across several devices. 



The Royal admin template has all elements and tools that are essentially required to build excellent web applications. The styling of the template is done by using the Sass preprocessor, which will help you to easily make customization.

The template also has a beautiful color scheme with plenty of components. Each and every component of Royal is arranged in an attractive manner within the dashboard.