6 Reasons to Use the Bootstrap Framework

bootstrap framework

The Bootstrap framework that was released in the year 2011 has become immensely popular among website designers and developers in a short span of time. In fact, millions of developers from all over the world are incorporating the use of this excellent framework to build flawless and highly functional websites. The number of websites that uses the Bootstrap framework is estimated to be over millions.

However, several designers, particularly the ones who have not heard about the Bootstrap framework often ask why they should use it. Using the Bootstrap framework for your website designing and development projects will not just help you to save time and effort, but it will also enable you to easily create feature-rich and well-performing websites and applications. Below are a few more reasons that will give you a clear idea on why you should use this open-source framework.

Good for Beginners

If you are designing a business or personal website for the first time in your life, then it is best to use the Bootstrap framework. However, you will need to have a basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to make full use of this framework. Still, Bootstrap is a good choice for the ones who are new to the world of website development.

In fact, developers who are using Bootstrap will be able to start their project right away without any worries. There are multiple numbers of tools, themes, and templates available to you, which will also allow you to easily build a flawless website with ease.

Improves Speed

Users who are looking to considerably reduce the time of the development process and the ones who wish to build an app at a rapid pace will surely love the Bootstrap framework. The ready-made codes that are available with this tool will allow you to easily carry out both the above-mentioned tasks. This is one of the major reasons for the immense popularity of Bootstrap.

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Another important thing to note is that this framework has plenty of ready-made templates and themes too, which will also make the process a lot easier. These handy tools will also help you to add a personal touch to your new website.

Excellent Support Community and Better Resources

The Bootstrap 4 framework offers multiple numbers of excellent resources to users. In fact, you will be able to find great documentation in the official website that can be used for creating websites. This is why most beginners love to use the Bootstrap framework when they are working for web development projects.

In addition to that, you can also find several third-party websites that offer additional resources. The support community of Bootstrap framework is also huge, which means that there will be several people to help you if you got stuck with your project or if you encounter any issues.


Several internet users who browse the web through smart phones and other mobile devices claim that they prefer not to visit websites that have to be zoomed in and out to view contents. This evidently proves that internet users love to browse websites that are compatible with different screen resolutions. This is why you need to ensure that your website is highly responsive.

Highly responsive websites possess the power to scale up and down to adjust to the screen size of different devices. This means that a responsive website will look good on different types of devices. Bootstrap framework is one of the best options for designing a responsive website. This framework will make the process of building a responsive website a lot simpler.


Another major reason for the increased popularity of the Bootstrap framework is that it can be easily customized. The abundant number of tools and other features that are included in this fascinating framework will help you to easily customize your website. All you need to do is to simply create a custom CSS file and make necessary changes to it before including it in the original HTML code of the website.

However, users could also customize Bootstrap at the time of download too. This framework permit users to make adjustments to the default values of the valuables, and avoid the plugins and components that they don’t need. Excluding unnecessary components will considerably reduce the size of the Bootstrap file that you will need to download.


Until a few years ago, website developers incorporated the use of different types of library in order to satisfy the front -end requirements of their project. However, the issue was that the inconsistencies in some of the individual apps made maintaining and scaling them a complicated and difficult this. This was the major reason for the launch of the Bootstrap framework.

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One of the best things about the Bootstrap framework is that it ensures that the results of the project are uniform across different platforms, which is another major reason to use this framework. In short, the consistency offered by the Bootstrap framework is far better when compared to other frameworks.

Things to Note

As you would probably know, the Bootstrap framework was developed by two Twitter employees in 2011. This framework was introduced to fix the issues that web designers and developers encountered during their projects. This fascinating and useful framework was launched as an open-source framework, and within a few years after its launch, Bootstrap became the most popular choice of several developers.

The number of websites that are created by using the Bootstrap framework is on the rise. As per the builtwith.com website, the number of active sites that use the bootstrap is estimated to be around 12,810,580. Another important thing to note is that the number of features and tools available in each new version of this framework is also increasing. If you wish to learn more on Bootstrap admin dashboard template or if you have any queries related to this framework, then reach out to us because we have got you covered.

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