Best Responsive Angular Admin Templates

Best Responsive Angular Admin Templates

AngularJS will surely be a familiar term to the ones who have worked on front-end development projects. AngularJS is one of the widely used JavaScript frameworks and is commonly used in the development of single page applications. Today, you can find a huge selection of responsive Angular admin templates that can help you build different web apps. 

We have compiled a list of Angular admin templates based on the design quality, code quality, ease of installation, and several other factors. If you are planning to use a responsive Angular admin template, then we have a few good suggestions for you.


The JustDo Angular admin template is an ideal candidate when it comes to building complex and sophisticated web applications. The template also has several page layouts and UI components.

  • Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible
  • Badges, Buttons, Tabs, Tooltips, and more.
  • Several advanced UI elements and form elements
  • Striking color theme and user-friendly design
  • Separate pages for E-commerce, General, Error, and User Pages.


Star Admin

The Star Admin Angular template can be used for a wide range of web development projects. The template also comes with elegant light colors and beautiful fonts. 

  • Simple, modern, and elegant design
  • Two elegantly designed dashboards
  • Plenty of basic and advanced UI elements
  • Multiple alerts, charts and tables
  • Several page layouts



Purple is a fully responsive admin template that is built with Angular JS and Bootstrap frameworks. The template is packed with UI components, page layouts, widgets, and elements. 

  • Responsive and compatible with most web browsers
  • Buttons, Badges, Tables, Alerts, and Breadcumbs
  • Light and beautiful color tone
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Super flexible and can be easily customized


Plus Angular

Plus Angular admin template is an all-in-one solution when it comes to developing complex web application. The template gives you multiple options to represent data in a simple but elegant way. Built with Bootstrap, Plus admin template comes with plenty of UI elements and other useful components. 

  • A well-designed dashboard
  • Themify, Simple line, Font Awesome, Flag, and Material Icons
  • 5+ General Pages
  • 3 Stunning Ecommerce pages
  • Charts, Tables, Maps, Icons, and more 

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PearlUI is another brilliant Angular admin template that has plenty of styles, components, and data representation options. The template is built with Bootstrap and Angular JS frameworks.

  • Over 100 UI components
  • Dark and light-colored variations
  • Different tables and charts
  • Plenty of reusable and ready to use plugins
  • Clean and well-commented code



Radiant Angular admin template offers numerous customization options to customers. This will help you to add a unique or personal touch to your web application. 

  • Dark and light themed versions
  • Plenty of widgets and dashboards
  • More than UI components
  • Different tables and charts
  • Creative and clean landing page 


MaterialPro Angular 7


MaterialPro Angular 7 Admin Template can be used to build admin panels, dashboards, and more. It is designed based on the Angular material framework. 

  • Two well-designed dashboards
  • Six types of demo layouts
  • 6 elegant color skins
  • More than 200 elegant page layouts
  • Over 2000 font icons and more than 40 Angular components



The simple to use Angular admin template, Xtreme comes with a wide range of features and other tools. These components will help you easily develop and customize web apps. 

  • Dark and light color schemes
  • 2000+ font icons
  • More than 50 Angular components
  • Plenty of charts and tables
  • More than 850 pages and 6 color skins




The creative Angular admin template, Annular is designed based on Angular-CLI and Angular 8. It is an easy to use and customizable template. 

  • Multiple maps
  • Nested routing and lazy loading
  • Multiple number of UI features
  • More than five well-designed pages
  • Over 5 charts for data representation