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10 High-Performing Single-Page Website HTML Templates


Now, creating a single-page website is very easy. Forget all the coding struggles and create high-performing one-page websites in no time. Use single-page website HTML templates to create your single-page website. Below, we have a list of some of the best single-page website HTML templates. These are responsive, mobile-friendly, and offer a wide range of […]

10 Amazing Real Estate Bootstrap Themes For 2019


Bootstrap real estate themes are the best option for anyone who is looking to design real estate or construction-related websites. Along with the flexibility that this framework provides, designing a website becomes much easier with these templates as they offer a multitude of features and functionalities. We have chosen some of the most popular real […]

Top 10 Popular Modern Website Templates 2019


It might be a daunting task to create a website when you haven’t done it before. You might have a lot of questions like which platform should I use? How can I build it? What resources would I need to build a website? What would be the features I would need to make my site […]

Corporate Website Templates That Can Make Your Website Look Unique

A recent survey revealed that two out of three small businesses heavily relies on websites to get in touch with their customers. The percent of small businesses that have a dedicated business website is estimated to be around 64 percent by the early 2018. The numbers have been steadily increasing since then. If you do […]

Creative Portfolio Website Templates That Users Will Love


If you are a freelancer who hasn’t started a portfolio website to showcase your works, then you are missing out on a lot. Having a well-designed and professional portfolio website will considerably increase your visibility. In addition, such a website may even help you to get more works. You can find several different portfolio website […]

Corporate HTML Website Templates You Don’t Want to Miss

corporate html templates

A recent survey revealed that approximately two-third of small business enterprises heavily relies on websites to get connected with their customers. The number of small business who have designed a business website was estimated to be around 64 percent in the year 2018. A well-designed professional business website can help you with online conversions and […]

Best Bootstrap Admin Templates Responsive Free

best bootstrap admin templates responsive free

A major portion of internet users access the web through smartphones and other mobile devices. This has urged Google to ensure that the websites that pop up on its top search results is mobile-friendly and responsive. Users prefer not to visit websites or pages that doesn’t adjust to fit on mobile devices today. So, in […]

Best Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates With Flat Design

We give a lot of importance to the minutest details of each component and each phase of our project’s lifecycle. Everything matters – starting from the timeframe to the number of people required to completing every single phase, and finally the platform that would be used to power the project. Usually, one of the areas […]