10 Web Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Web Design Trends

The world of website design and development is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly changing digital branches these days. Several internet users have a misconception that the new trends and changes in web designing will not affect them. However, the reality is that these new emerging web design trends and other noticeable changes in the same field affect most of us in one way or another. For instance, the recent redesigning of Gmail created countless debates among both designers and average internet users.

If you take a close look at the year 2018, you will be able to understand the fact that website designers are not afraid to experiment and push the limit. We were able to see unique and fascinating personal and business websites with captivating illustrations, engaging motion, colorful gradients, and grid-breaking layouts. Most businesses have been putting in extra efforts to incorporate new ideas and strategies to your web designing projects, which will pave way for new trends. Some of the web designing trends that you can expect in the year 2019 are the following.

Bright and Vibrant Colors

For a very long time, several website designers prefer to use monotone and soft tones when they are designing a website, but that trend has become a lot less common these days. This year, website designers will be using bright and vibrant colors for both business and personal websites.

In fact, angular shapes, metallics, and bright neons are expected to make a huge comeback this year. Moreover, companies will even be using bright and bold colors to represent their brand in a better way. Green, blue, purple, and other warmer tones can evoke emotions of site visitors too.

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It is true that cinemagraphs were immensely popular in the year 2018, but this trend is less-likely to continue in the present year. However, videos will continue to appear in business and personal websites in the coming years too.

Product-focused videos will enable customers to learn more about the product and even help them make an informed buying decision. Videos that capture the attention of viewers in a few seconds will surely leave a lasting impression.

Minimalistic Asymmetrical Layouts

Most businesses often claim that websites with symmetrical grids are the ones that capture the attention of internet users quickly. It is crucial to realize the fact that asymmetrical layouts are eye-catchy and they do have the ability to instantly grab the attention of customers. This is one of the major reasons why several website designers will be using asymmetrical layouts this year.

However, executing minimalistic asymmetrical layouts may seem like a challenging task for beginners. Still, if you are able to do that, then you will be able to bring a focused and cleaner design to your website.

CSS3 Animations

Most website designers even the ones who are new to the world of website designing will have probably heard about CSS3 animations at least a dozen times. These types of animations are currently used in several websites in order to make a website a bit more interactive and to enhance the user experience.

Micro-interactions, scrolling effects, motion graphics, background videos, and other types of animations will continue to be popular in 2019 too. In addition to that, website designers might even start to commonly use different types of SVG animations in 2019 and coming years.


The best thing about the Parallax effect is that it takes site visitors on a journey that will help them to know a lot more about your product and services. Parallax will immediately grab the attention of your existing customers and potential clients, which in turn urges them to check out your products.

In short, this innovative website trend that will surely dominate in 2019 presents you a unique opportunity to connect with your customers and encourages them to stay longer on your website.


Typography can be defined as the art of elegantly arranging the text of a website in order to make them look good when viewed from different devices. This might not be a simple task, as website designers will have to figure out the perfect font that suits a specific website and ensure that the fonts are implemented in a clean and beautiful way.

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Website designers will also have to ensure that the headings of their web pages are a bit larger when compared to subheadings and body text. They also try to define the hierarchy of a webpage with font-weight, spacing, colors.

The Hamburger Menu

If you are new to the world of website designing, then you might not have probably heard about the Hamburger Menu. Hamburger Menu is just three parallel horizontal lines that are used as buttons on websites. Different types of Hamburger Menu layouts are available to users to help them find the right menu that suits the design of their website.

The hamburger button, which is also called as the Collapse Menu button, is usually placed in the top corner of the graphical user interface. It is evident that more users will be using this creative button in their future projects.

Responsive Design

Website designs that make sites look good on different devices and screen resolutions will continue to be the most popular choice of designers in 2019. This is because highly-responsive website designs bring an optimal viewing experience to users, which in turn enables them to enjoy a fine website browsing experience.

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The best thing about highly-responsive website designs is that they promised an enhanced user experience. In addition, users will even be able to easily manage them, as these sites have only one HTML and URL.

Hero Images

It might come as a surprise to many readers when they hear the fact that using big images has become a website design trend at a slow yet steady pace. Incorporating the use of big or Hero images is actually a good idea. This is because these images can create a major impact on your site visitors.

In addition to that, Parallax scrolling effect works best only when you are using these types of images. So, make sure to incorporate this simple yet handy trend into your next project.

Authentic Tones and Textures

Most customers including online shoppers prefer to stand behind reputed and authentic brands. A recent study conducted by experts in the field of web designing and digital marketing claim that approximately 86 percent customers feel that authenticity is significant when deciding which brands, they support and like

This means that websites with authentic textures and tones will gain immense popularity in 2019 and coming years. The pervasiveness of this innovative web design trend is undoubtedly increasing, which is why several website designers would give this a try in 2019.

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