10 Best Bootstrap Admin Templates

Each element of your front-end design, including the dashboards, admin areas and so on, is very important, as is the appearance of your design. As you might be aware, a lot of effort and time goes into the entire design process. The point is your design process does not end with the front-end, but also applies to the user interface of the admin area, which is again time-consuming, because the whole process of designing the pages and layouts is applicable to the user interface of the admin area as well.

Though the entire cycle of designing the front-end and back-end seems to be challenging, using the admin templates makes the development process of the user interface easier and quicker. These packages of templates comprise stylish, built-in templates and demos for the dashboards and admin pages. These inbuilt resources can be customized based on your project requirements.

It offers certain predefined color schemes and other options for speeding up the development process. In fact, every essential aspect of the dashboards and admin pages are readily available within these template packages.

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These packages of Bootstrap admin templates help in making the process of managing the designs easier for the people who handle the admin areas.

Let us discuss some of these Bootstrap admin templates in detail:

Purple Admin

Purple Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Purple Admin is a responsive admin template, designed using Bootstrap 4. Also, it is available for free. This template’s design is simple, elegant and colorful. It comprises all the essential features for designing the perfect dashboard, or admin panels, project management systems, CRM or CMS, e-commerce systems, regardless of whatever your business needs are. Aesthetically designed, the template is perfectly composed of all components that are well organized within it.

One of the highlights of Purple Admin is that it doesn’t contain any of the unnecessary components, which would never come into use. The template can be customized, with ease, to fit into your business requirements. A clean and well-commented code is one of the highlights of Purple Admin that makes it simple and easy to work with it. Purple admin is compatible with almost all the latest web browsers, including Chrome, IE10+, Opera, Safari and Firefox. This free Bootstrap 4 admin template was developed from BootstrapDash. You can check out pro version of purple admin template.

Click here for further information on how to use the Purple Admin template.

Star Admin- Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Free Star Admin Template

Again, Star Admin is also available for free download. It exhibits some of the features similar to that of Purple Admin – elegant, simple and colorful design; composed of all essential components that are well organized within the template. It supports the creation of admin panels, project management systems, CMS or CRM, and e-commerce systems. Star Admin can be easily customized to fit into your business requirements.

Just like Purple Admin, it comprises all the necessary features, but there is no room for unwanted components. Star Admin could be the best choice for kick-starting your project as it has no unessential components and offers a clean and well-commented code, which further makes it easy for you to work with the template. You can check out pro version of Star admin template.

This free Bootstrap 4 admin template is developed by using BootstrapDash and it is compatible with a variety of the most modern browsers (and their latest versions), including
• Firefox
• Google Chrome
• IE10+
• Opera
• Safari
Click here to learn more about how to use the Star Admin template.

Serein Admin


A premium bootstrap admin template – Serein Admin serves multiple purposes and comprises almost all essential features.

This fully responsive bootstrap admin template also comprises a vast depositary of reusable UI components and plugins. While using Serein Admin template, there is nothing to worry about the usability or performance of the applications created using it.

Serein Admin dashboard is compatible across most of the web browsers and devices. You can use Serein Admin to create a variety of web applications, including e-commerce backends, SAAS, CRM, CMS, web application backends, custom admin panel or admin dashboard. As it followed flat design guidelines, the designs created using it are clean, user-friendly, sleek and intuitive.

Click here to find out more about the features of this admin template.

Melody Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template


Melody Admin is a fully responsive Bootstrap admin template, which is built using HTML5, JQuery, CSS and Bootstrap 4. Being a premium Bootstrap admin template, it offers a variety of features and comes with a collection of reusable UI components and plugins.

One of the highlights of Melody Bootstrap Admin template is that it helps in enhancing the usability and performance of applications developed using this admin template.

It is compatible with almost all the major web browsers and devices. Also like Serein Admin, you can use Melody template for creating a wide range of web applications, such as custom admin panel, e-commerce backends, SAAS, CMS or CRM. It will help in speeding up the development process, thereby helping you save a lot of time and money.  Another highlight of Melody template is that it can be easily customized to fit into your needs.

Click here to find out more about the features of Melody Admin.

CloudUI Bootstrap 4 Admin Template


CloudUI Admin is a premium Bootstrap admin template.

This fully responsive Bootstrap admin template serves multiple purposes and comprises a wide variety of features, reusable components, and plugins. It is built using HTML5, JQuery, CSS and Bootstrap 4. It is compatible with a variety of modern browsers and devices. The designs rendered using CloudUI Admin are clean, intuitive, sleek, and user-friendly.

Some of its features include ready-to-use plugins, fully responsive pages and over 100’s of UI components. Click here for more information on what makes CloudUI Admin one of the best Bootstrap templates in the ThemeForest marketplace.

Material Pro

material pro

One of the latest additions to the bootstrap admin template collections is Material Pro, which has gained an unbelievable popularity within a short span of time in the ThemeForest marketplace.

Material Pro majorly offers five dashboard variations, and along with these, it offers built-in dashboard designs and a number of customization settings, which means that it should be the apt choice if you are looking for a one-stop depositary of solutions. There is no limit to the combinations that can be customized with the variety of color configuration settings, arising from the 12 color skins awaiting to be applied to the custom dashboard. Material Pro also offers editable PSD files if you are really looking forward to investing a great deal of creativity to the physical appearance of the admin panels.

Apart from all the above-discussed features, it offers a large variety of modules and components, which would come handy when customizing your admin panels. A special mention is required for the choice of application modules Material Pro offers for creating the most desired appeal to your dashboard’s layout – such as adding chat, composing messages, adding and updating inbox and contact widgets.

Some of the UI elements that you can implement into your design include tabs, timelines, graphs, progress bars, and buttons. You can even create custom forms and add these to your layout with ease. Designing your dashboard with Material Pro is easy, as it offers an extensive library of page templates, including the profile, login and registration pages, which you would have to design manually otherwise. We would recommend Material Pro as it provides a visually impressive luster to dashboards while offering a range of features that can be customized to fit into your needs.



Again, another supple admin template that is perfect if you need some help with creating custom dashboards for your project. Regardless of whether you need to design a custom dashboard for a website or build control panels and professional pages for a specific product, you need not think twice before choosing Codebase. The varied variety of features and styles that it offers would make your dashboard look more than appealing.

Choosing those elements to be included on your pages is a hassle-free task because of the modular design nature of Codebase.  Typography is another highlight of Codebase – you get to choose from a variety of options and settings – along with live previews for each font, which will further help you in putting up the things that really matter for your project.

Codebase offers a wide variety of inbuilt components, which can be added to your templates to enrich your design. Some of these elements include animated and simple line icons, timeline widgets, ribbons, tabs and buttons, and these are readily available to be implemented to the page designs. Since the stylesheet was built using the CSS preprocessor syntactically awesome stylesheet (SASS), you are at liberty to enjoy the control of your designs to a great extent.

Being mobile responsive makes Codebase even more popular, as this is what is exactly required for your pages to be compatible across any devices, no matter whether their screen size is big, small or medium. Its multi-purpose UI kit can be used with a variety of projects that require custom dashboards to be implemented.


Metronic Bootstrap 3 premium admin templates

Metronic is a well-known and widely used admin theme. Since its launch in 2013, it has been seen to that it is updated regularly, which is why it has become one of the best-seller admin templates. Like Material Pro, it is also popular across the ThemeForest marketplace. If you do not have much time to experiment and check what works best for your needs, here you go – choose Metronic – as it has already reported above 53,000 sales and stars with an average rating of 4.89 out of 5 because people have already tried and experienced its awesomeness.

Another reason for its popularity is that you do not need to worry about redundancy in design, as the admin panels offer a visually distinguished appearance when compared with the other projects, which implement this same theme. Customization is another highlight because it has seven different admin themes – which you can customize on the basis of your project’s requirements – making room for an appealing user interface. You can enjoy the goodness of around 1,000 in-built pages and over 1,500 UI features, which makes the entire process easier, speeding up the development.

The main admin themes comprise distinctive configurations, such as material design options, which include the one with rounded corners, a right-to-left text mode, Angularjs version and so on. Some of these designs are unique as they exhibit optional horizontal menus, different sidebar styles and much more, unlike the other admin templates. Similar to Codebase, the Metronic admin template is also responsive, which means that it is compatible with devices of different screen sizes. Moreover, since it gets regularly updated, it works well with the latest versions of tablets and smartphone devices, as well as browsers and operating systems. The dashboard also contains a collection of plugins, which ensure that the theme is up-to-date and trendy.

If you are really looking for a theme that gets regular updates and will stay loyal to your business requirements in the long run, then Metronic is one of the best options. Go grab it.



As we have already discussed, Metronic is one of the most modern admin templates while also ‘Pages’ is another bootstrap admin template, which offers help with creating modern dashboards. Speed and time are two critical and determining factors in any design project, and Pages was designed with an aim to create a dashboard user interface in a simpler and faster way. Even for beginners, Pages is a great option as it comes with plentiful useful and customizable features.

If you have plans to go with your own unique design, then you can start with the layouts included in the ‘Pages’ package – go to ‘settings’, where you have the option to choose from a wide range of menu types, module layouts, and color skins. The animation effects that Pages offers is another highlight, as this is the most important aspect from a visual perspective. With this, an instant feedback can be sent to users requesting to complete an action or whenever there is something they are required to do. It comes with a power-packed library, comprising of the most sophisticated icons, which would light up your UI design.

Regardless of the device or screen size on which it is being viewed, the custom dashboard will look awesome as Pages is mobile responsive and retina-ready as well. The flexibility that it offers for displaying content within your dashboard is appreciative – for it ensures that an intuitive approach is followed to showcase only the specific data that the user wishes to view.

The wide variety of widgets it offers include a form builder, graphs, charts, sales and stock trackers, and an interactive calendar. It also provides a wide range of in-built page templates, such as error pages, lock screen design, gallery pages, login pages, and registration pages. Online documentation is always available for your help if at any point of time you are struck while working with ‘Pages’.



The highlight of Stack is that it offers around seven supple dashboard designs that are all good to go. All you have to do is download Stack and choose one of the built-in designs, which you can customize to build your own custom-made dashboard UI. Since Stack allows you to personalize every single facet of your UI, which means that you are in complete control of your dashboard’s visual appearance. What more do you need?

With Stack, modifying headers and footers is pretty much easier, while creating commissioned forms and custom color schemes. Stack offers animations to help you make the graphs and charts on your dashboard more visually appealing. The advanced search feature further helps the users to instantly locate whatever they are searching for. Creating a custom dashboard with Stack is even easier as you do not need an uninterrupted internet supply – the offline builder tool takes care of the process even when you are not connected to the internet.

Stack can work with a wide range of devices, screen sizes, resolutions, and browsers – as this admin template has been specifically designed to ensure a great deal of compatibility. It implements intuitiveness when displaying content as the responsive layouts are configured to showcase content depending on the device across which it is being viewed on.

This could mean hiding certain sections on screens with smaller sizes or rearranging the order of components to enhance user experience.

 Bootstrap admin templates with their wide variety of features help in speeding up the design process

The above-listed Bootstrap admin templates are handpicked from the most popular ones, though the list goes on. We have specifically listed out these for the wide range of features they provide and the ease of setting up that they come with, thereby helping to speed up the development process.

For any further queries or suggestions, please comment in the comment box below.


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