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Angular is one of the best and most popular frameworks when it comes to designing dynamic admin panel templates and web applications. This excellent open-source framework that is backed by Google enables website designers and other users to easily create single page applications. However, there are plenty of Angular Admin templates available out there, which means that finding the right one may seem like a challenging task to many users.

Most of the Angular Admin templates are equipped with handy features, usable plugins, and an abundant number of ready-to-use components. So, you will need to pay attention to the features and components included in different admin templates before selecting one. This will surely help you to find the right Angular admin template that suits your requirements. However, you could also check out the following Angular admin templates, as they are widely used by thousands of web designers and developers.

PearlUI Angular Admin Template

Pearlui admin template

PearlUI Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is a multipurpose feature-rich template built with jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and Bootstrap 4. This fascinating admin template boasts a fine collection of handy tools and components that will enable you to achieve the desired results. In fact, a wide variety of button options are available to users who opt for this theme.

In addition to that, an excellent collection of form elements and progress bars are included with the PearlUI Template. If you are looking for an excellent Angular Admin template that offers plenty of customization options, then it is best to select the PearlUI Admin Template.

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Radiant Angular Admin Template

Radiant Angular Admin Template is undoubtedly one of the best admin templates available to users. The user-friendly design and excellent design of this template have urged several users to purchase this template. The most fascinating aspect of this Angular Admin template is that it offers multiple numbers of innovative form element options to users.

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Apart from that, users who choose the Radiant Angular Admin template will gain access to an extensive library of different types of progress bars and buttons. Basic Table, Striped Table, and Hoverable Table are some of the tables that are included in this admin template. Finally, this template is also equipped with several different types of icons.

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Titan is actually a fully responsive and sophisticated Angular Admin template that is based on both Bootstrap and Angular framework. The best thing about this admin template is that it is highly customizable thanks to the abundant number of UI components, elements, graphs, and charts that are included in it. Users will be able to gain access to over 200 UI components, 100 pages, and more than 2000 icons if they choose the Titan Angular Admin Template.

Another interesting thing to note about Titan Angular Admin template is that it is equipped with different types of dashboards and layouts. This well-documented template also has a minimalistic design and user-friendly design, which is why it is immensely popular among both beginners and experts.

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One of the most commonly used Angular Admin templates that are based on Bootstrap and Angular framework is Centric. This neatly designed fully-responsive template is fully-responsive, which means that your site will look great on devices with different screen sizes. The bright colored components that sit in the white background of this template makes Centric a lot more elegant.

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What makes the Centric template popular is that it contains an extensive selection of tables, maps, form elements, and several other UI elements. This handy admin template offers support for multiple responsive UI elements, and it also comes with multiple numbers of unique pre-built pages.

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Star Admin Free Angular

Website developers and designers who are looking for a free Angular Admin template that comes with excellent tools and handy features should consider selecting the Star Admin Free Angular template. The flawless design and user-friendliness of this amazing template have helped several beginners to design flawless websites with utmost ease.

Users who are planning to buy this template should note that it does not come with a horizontal demo and dark mode. However, these features are available in the premium version of this Angular Admin template. This free admin template is also based on AngularJS and Bootstrap 4 framework.

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Star Admin Pro Angular

The modified, paid, advanced, and feature-packed version of the Star Admin Free Angular template is called as Star Admin Pro Angular. The number of features, tools, and components that are available in Star Admin Pro Angular is relatively more when compared to its free version. One of the major differences between the paid and free version is that the former contains a dark mode and horizontal demo while the latter doesn’t have it.

Star Admin Pro Angular template is also built on the NG Bootstrap framework just like the free version. Users who opt for the Star Admin Pro Angular template will be easily able to make their websites look good on different devices. In addition, this template contains an abundant collection of excellent components too.

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Purple Angular Starter Kit

The minimalistic yet stunning design, well-written code, and user-friendly interface of the Purple Angular Starter Kit have encouraged several users to buy this template. This fully-responsive and easily customizable template is also built by using the NG Bootstrap framework.  If you are looking for an Angular Admin template with multiple numbers of unique widgets, then the Purple Angular Starter Kit is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

Users who choose this Angular Admin template will be able to select a page and sidebar layout from an abundant number of options. Finally, users should also pay attention to the fact that they will be able to make use of several different types of applications and sample pages if they buy the Purple Angular Starter Kit.

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